Mission Statement: 

To provide a safe, secure, positive and enjoyable environment, in which all children, regardless of academic ability

or cultural background, receive a sound educational foundation for their future development.

To promote effective individual development through the provision of well resourced,

quality teaching, within the framework of a friendly learning environment.



To obtain a level of academic achievement which meets the child’s full potential.

To bring out the best in our children both socially and academically. 

To maintain the highest possible professional teaching standards.

To deliver, maintain and utilize quality resources.

To create a happy, friendly school community for children, parents and staff.




At The British School of Bangkok we aim to help children recognise their full potential,

develop a positive self-concept and generate an enthusiasm for learning.

We believe that students nurtured in a warm, supportive and structured environment

develop responsibility for their own behaviour, learning and a concern for others.

We also believe it is important that educators, parents and students work together

cooperatively to promote productive learning.