Our English Language Centre offers support to children who have limited experience of the English Language, or require additional support in order to access the curriculum..

The specialist language teacher designs lessons to fully support individuals or small groups of children in increasing their vocabulary and confidence with the use of the English language.

The lessons are taught in a variety of different contexts whether individual lessons or small groups and are delivered through a variety of mediums including games and songs. The aim of this work is to help the children have better access to the curriculum and to develop the confidence and skills necessary to work alongside their peers, participating fully in class activities and when appropriate the children will be withdrawn from the programme.

The centre also offers support to children who encounter reading difficulties. These sessions are taught on a one to one basis. This is a compulsory programme for those children who have been tested by the schools language specialist and are deemed in need of additional language support. Children are tested from age 3 ½ years old.