Mission Statement

To develop mindful, caring and confident young people, who through intercultural understanding and respect, strive to create a better and more supportive environment both locally and globally, as well as achieve their academic potential through quality, individualised teaching.  

‘We are confident, individual and mindful.’

Vision Statement: Curriculum Aims

To encourage all our children to aim to achieve their potential through delivering a broad and balanced curriculum, which recognises individual learning styles and to encourage self discipline, creativity and an ability to transfer skills across the curriculum as well as in later life.

Vision Statement: Social Aims

To teach our children to treat all people with respect through developing social skills and attitudes which will be of lasting value, helping pupils understand their own locality and the world around them and promoting their moral, social and cultural development.

Vision Statement: School Climate

To create a collaborative and supportive climate through providing a stimulating and secure environment, in which every child feels happy to come to school.

Vision Statement: School Staff

To ensure that all staff feel happy and valued by working collaboratively in a supportive dedicated team that embraces their individual talents.