The children are supervised at all times during their time at the school. All areas of the school are monitored by staff ensuring that the children remain safe throughout their time in the school. Parents should feel that their children are safe and secure at all times in school, and the following steps are taken to ensure this: 

The main entrance is fully staffed at all times and the main gates and secondary gate are kept locked when not in use.

All visitors arriving at school are required to sign the visitors book before being issued with a visitors pass. Visitor passes are collected as the visitor leaves the premises and visitors are signed out.

All parents are issued with a school sticker to display in the front window of their car for easy recognition. Cars not showing the sticker are not allowed on the premises.

All parents and adults are issued with a school pitcure I.D card. Each card carries the photo of the adult and one of the child to be collected. When arriving at school the I.D card must be shown to the security guard and must be clearly visible at all times when on the school premises. All of the teaching staff also wear I.D cards at all times.

Parents with relatives staying for an extended holiday may be issued with a temporary card for the duration of their stay. These I.D cards must also have the adult and child’s photo.

When the school gates are open, Bangkok Traffic Police are there to control the traffic on the main soi.

Prospective parents looking around the school will be accompanied at all times by a member of staff.

There are surveillance cameras around key areas of the school and on both of the school exits.