The school is equipped with two well stocked libraries containing fiction and non fiction books. Children of all ages are given ample opportunities to take advantage of the libraries for researching lessons and quiet time reading their favorite books. Library time is one of the most popular times during the day for all of the children in the school.

In addition, extra library books are in all of the classrooms.

Several reading series of different levels and areas of interest run throughout the school along with an extensive variety of big books for use in all of the classrooms.


The main reading books included in the scheme are:

Oxford Reading tree - Fiction, non-fiction, plays, big books, poetry
Heinemann -Traditional, Home, Family, big books
Sunshine - Fiction
Longman - Fiction
National Geographic - Non fiction
Rigby Rockets – Individual and Guided reading
Ladybird – Traditional , Fiction
Scholastic – Fiction

Once the children have reached a certain stage in the scheme they can then begin choosing “chapter books” from the library.