What a fun term we have had in the KS2 Climbing Club! The children have put 100% into their climbing skills and have shown improvement every week. Well done, KS2! Ms Zrene, Mr Cam and Ms Beth are extremely proud of each and every one of you.

What We Get Up To Every Week

Warm Ups

To get our bodies warmed up for some serious climbing, we always begin with some stretches! We know this is super important because it helps the blood to be pumped around our body. If we don’t make time for stretching before we begin our games and climbing, we could injure our bodies.
We have learnt different types of warm ups this year in the club- so often we take it in turns to show off what we know! By thinking of our own stretches, we can use our imagination!

“My favourite stretch is touching my toes because I feel like it stretches all of my body. This makes me feel ready for bouldering and climbing!”  Yve Year 6


When we are not climbing, we choose a game to play. Some of our favourite games are King Kong, Colours, Simon Sez, Bouldering Shark Attack and Relay Races.

“The game I like to play the most is Bouldering Shark Attack. It is really fun and everyone is involved. It is the same as normal Shark Attack but we have to find a climbing wall instead. I think it’s made me a lot better at finding holds that are comfortable for me.” Vanessa Year 4B


Every week we choose two different walls to climb so that we have to challenge ourselves. 

A special well done to Ethan and Vanessa for climbing to the very top this term, what an achievement!


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