In BSB Early Years, we aim to ensure a holistic development in children by providing a warm, engaging and stimulating learning environment. Children are provided ample opportunities of play to encourage their imagination and understand their own areas of interest and strengths. Each learning activity encompasses and facilitates a combination of their areas of development be it communication and language, physical social and emotional, numeracy or expressive arts. Since Term 1 we have seen progress and growth in their motor skills, communicative abilities and social skills and it is amazing how fast they learn.
Throughout the year children have been encouraged in expressive arts and crafts through interdisciplinary learning activities.
In Terms 1 and 2, children were provided learning opportunities that created their phonetic and numeracy awareness alongside our themes that included learning about ourselves, toys, houses and homes and plants and animals life cycles. We have also seen an increase in their self confidence and awareness through better physical control during outside play, stronger pencil/crayons/paintbrushes grips and their increasing ability to dress themselves.
We started Term 3 off with a very colourful bang! We have been learning all the colours of the rainbow and have had lots of fun exploring and using colours in many different activities. We started off learning the names of different colours and went on a colour hunt around the school to see what we could find.
After learning about the important primary colours, we let the children find out what colours they could make by themselves! We did this using foam and getting our hands messy! Everyone mixed beautiful colours and created a piece of art with their foam! To help us cool off on the afternoon, we experimented with different colours and painted ice cubes! The children thought this was great fun!

For a fantastic finale to our colours topic, we painted a t-shirt! The children decided what they would like on their t-shirt and then had lots of fun getting creative with the paints! It was lovely to see how much the children enjoyed this activity and how proud they were of their finished product which is something they can keep and cherish forever!
In phonics, we have now taught all the phonemes and have started reviewing them as the children work through their alphabet books. Our current theme is People Who Help Us. We introduced the topic by talking about the people who help us at school. We will further discuss dentists, doctors and nurses, firefighters, police and vets. This promises to be an exciting topic and we’re sure the children will enjoy the activities we have planned.
Finally we are preparing the children for a smooth transition into Reception. As part of this we have started attending whole school assemblies and the children will have an opportunity to visit the reception classes where they will meet our current reception teachers and ask them questions.
We would like to thank all of you for your continued support throughout this academic year as we look forward to end this school year with lots more fun and excitement.

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